Method Pilar Dominguez (MPD)

The Pilar Domínguez (MPD) method favors correction and postural awareness. It is a method that uses the movement for therapeutic purposes.

It consists of a combination of controlled and supervised exercises of músculotendinosos stretching, muscle toning and relaxation aimed at preventing and correcting the harmful consequences of inadequate postural placement. The MPD provides the basic technique that is right and essential to integrate and organize the movement of the body in our daily activities, work or sports, as well as contribute to a global wellbeing.

During the classes the emphasis is placed on the conscious work of the antigravity musculature, the release of the peripheral joints, the facilitation of new neuromuscular patterns and the eccentric work of the musculature.

The exercises contained in the MPD are systematized and organized in two types according to the position of the feet during the class (parallel and opening). The objective is to condition the body and to obtain a suitable posture respecting the parameters, morphology and individual capacities. It not only works the amplitude of the movement, the strength and the elasticity, but it reeducates the posture, thus favouring the functioning of our organic, muscular-skeletal, digestive, respiratory, circulatory and nervous systems.

In addition to this preventive nature, it contributes to the improvement of numerous alterations, which is why its results have been widely supported by various professionals in the field of health.

Pioneer in classic bar use

This method is characterized by the use of a dance bar and the musical accompaniment of short piano pieces specially selected to accompany the cadence and rhythm of each exercise. These are characteristic elements of their own methodology and specialized in the field of postural health.

As practiced

It is practiced in small groups of up to a maximum of 25 people, making the teacher the precise indications to each person. The capacity is limited to guarantee that the student can be constantly supervised by a specialized technician to guarantee the proper work of bodybuilding, global stretching and postural placement.

This is a progressive work that requires constancy, minimum 2 times/week, to assess its effects. It offers a wide range of hours and total flexibility to recover a class and ensure full weekly practice.

Who can practice this method

It does not require prior preparation and can be practiced by anyone, at any age, who wants to do a controlled physical activity of quality. In addition, it contributes effectively to the aesthetic modeling of the body.

The structure of the classes and the applied pedagogy allow the profile of the people who practice the method and benefit from its results to be universal, practically without limitations of age, sex, socio-cultural characteristics and physical condition.

Ailments and adaptations

In the event of the existence of any ailment or physical limitation, the MPD has a series of adaptations of the exercises, reviewed by the technical consultant team and Pilar Domínguez, and collected in established protocols and included in the formation of the Teachers, who also receives ongoing training to ensure optimal praxis and updating of knowledge about the MPD.

The program of adaptations of the exercises allows to the people that by their characteristics, require a special rhythm, either by age or by some alteration like the pain, they can accede to the practice of the method.


The constant investigation of new applications of the method, has resulted in the emergence of several units of work that have activities and a specific methodology.


The Pilar Domínguez method is currently a benchmark in postural placement in both sports and medicine. Traditionally, the main user of the MPD had always been the one who arrived on the recommendation of a acquaintance. However, at the present time, more and more, are registered in the MPD centers users who are derived by different professionals of the medicine who seek in the MPD a complement that will help them to improve the different pathologies of their patients.

The Pilar Domínguez method is endorsed by numerous specialists and professionals in health and sports and is recognized as one of the most prestigious methods of postural correction.

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