Letter from Pilar Domínguez

Letter from Pilar Domínguez

Founder of the IPD and creator of the MPD

I am pleased to share with you the illusion of an exciting professional stage for the “Pilar Domínguez method” which, as you know, I created forty years ago.

I am proud to see how my method, which is now yours as well as you have integrated in your day to day, has become a benchmark in postural and Corporal intelligence.

With a team of professionals involved in the work of contributing quality of life to society, we contribute every day in a meaningful way to integrating the importance of postural awareness in the physical and emotional health of people.

I am happy for the recognition given to me by so many health professionals. They were key to deciding to create, almost 10 years ago, the Instituto Pilar Domínguez (IPD) as a professional space from which to share and transmit my long experience. With their thrust we are encouraged every day to continue investigating and evolving in this beautiful therapeutic adventure.

Today, I am excited to observe the growing demand and professional recognition of my method all over the world. For me, they represent the fruit of rigour and our implied way of understanding therapeutic work.

Therefore, IPD is my Project summit, the one that arrives in the maturity of my life, to spread the method to which I have dedicated all my professional work and for which I have guaranteed the continuity of the foundations of the method, namely, the values and the ethics with which the same Deb and continue to be taught.

Within the IPD, as always, we will serve the people who come to practice the MPD; We will formally form the future MPD technicians, collaborate with health professionals through our IPD physiotherapy, a unique and pioneering integrative health work that integrates free active physiotherapy with MPD, we will continue to perform measurements , accompanying patients in their evolution, researching and attending international congresses to share our knowledge, in short, we will continue to grow and allowing the MPD to expand naturally and with quality assurances.

As you see, many are the reasons that feed the illusion that today moves me to share with you this stage of my professional life, in which at the head of IPD will watch for ethics, professional rigor and human quality remain the main values of our work Or, as it always has been.

A fond embrace,
Pilar Domínguez.

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